Company resources:

  • employees with long-term practise in the preparation and conveyance of bulk materials using belt conveyors, and with extensive experience with the implementation of many technological lines for crushing and sorting of mined aggregates
  • a large database of technical documentation for machines and equipment used for the preparation of raw mineral materials and for the technological procedures of aggregate preparatio
  • know-how of control and automation systems for technological lines, including systems for batching and mixing of “wide” aggregate fractions, modern measuring devices and top-class computer equipment with professional software

We offer:

  • designs and studies of new technological lines for aggregate processing
  • designs and studies of assemblies, disassemblies, repairs and reconstructions of investment units and technological equipment for the processing of raw mineral materials and for the production of building materials
  • designs and studies of installations of new machines into old technologies
  • designs and studies of location of new technologies in the terrain
  • designs and studies of weighing, feeding, dumping, batching and revolving belt conveyors and a wide variety of designs and studies of belt conveyors for the conveyance of bulk minerals
  • valuation of designs and studies

From study to implementation:

Final sorting room – study, design and implementation

Inlet hopper with primary crusher – study, design and implementation


See the examples of our work in the reference section.