Company resources:

  • a highly experienced team of designers and constructors with extensive experience
  • a large design and construction studio equpped with Autocad 2000, Autodes Inventor (working in 3D) and Autocad Mechanical
  • a compact team of employees with professional qualification
  • a production facility with very good technical background and equipment (continuous shot-blasting equipment using cast-iron pellets, a modern environment-friendly paint shop, piercing shears and profiling shears, eccentric press, cutting machines and flame-cutting machines, machining tools, welding machines, cranes, etc.)


We offer:

  • diassembling of existing technologies (material preparation lines, bituminous mixture mixing plants, mixing and stabilization centres), including their possible assembly at other locations (including electrical installation)
  • assemblies of new technological lines and machines
  • training of operators, adjusters and maintenance personnel
  • participation at facility commissioning
  • supervision of assembly of lines and investment units
  • short periods for the assemblies of our products due to our system pre-assembled parts and component parts
  • photographic documentation of the progress of assembling

Company resources:

  • a compact team of qualified assembly workers supervised by experienced foremen
  • high-quality techical facilites (assembly vehicles, mobile cranes, assembly equipment)

What we have already done

See the examples of our work in the reference section.

Reference projects