Milling and sorting lines
Machinery for concrete plants and tarmacadam plants
Belt conveyers
Covering of conveyers
Scrapers of conveyors
Rubber anti-abrasive coating

Milling and sorting lines for the stone industry

Machinery for concrete plants and tarmacadam plants

Belt conveyers

  • full beamed
  • jackle
  • bridge
  • weighing
  • rotary and dumping
  • special

Covering of conveyers

Covers are made of both-side galvanised steel corrugated plates (profile 18/76) – for all ordinary belt conveyors.

Covers are:

  • self-supporting (steel plate 0,6 mm)
  • fire proof and thermostable
  • fire proof and thermostable
  • do not need any maintenance for many years
  • easy to use
  • without complicated supporting structure
  • ekological
  • attractively priced

For the purpose of the conveyor control the covers can be easily removed and set back. It is possible to order covers with closing inspection vent, also full-open concepted, or with permanent control vents.

Covers # Belt width (a) Construction width (b) Radius(r) Direct segment (g)
1 400 700 350 minimum height
200 – 500 ask for higher
2 500 800 400
3 650 950 475
4 800 1150 575
5 1000 1350 675
6 1200 1600 800
7 1400 1800 900

You can ask for other dimensions. All dimensions in mm.

Covering of conveyers
Domensions of conveyers
Conveyor cover profile


In this domain our company only provides sale and assembly of tunels and silos of HAMCO company.


Information brochure in PDF format

Scrapers of conveyors

Knife-edge scraper of the belt conveyors – 500 – 1200 mm.


Rubber anti-abrasive coating

Are formed of two basic materials – steel clops, serving as a supporting and fixing element, and vulcanised rubber layer of hardness 60 Sh. They are used for reduction of consumption of metals and labour, noise reduction and labour safety arising. They are mounted into transfer point equipment, chutes, hoppers and storage bins where crushed stones drop, or other bulk materials so to direct the impact of the dropping material perpendicularly to the reflecting plane. It cannot be recommended to use it with extremely hard materials (whinstone, etc.).

Possibilities of use:

  • Type 1 – for coating reflective surfaces up to the grain size of gravel 32 mm (transfer points, bottoms of storage bins, reflective bars, etc.)
  • Type 2 – for coating reflective surfaces up to the grain size of gravel 63 mm (transfer points, storage bin bottoms, reflective bars, etc.)
  • Type 3 – for coating reflective surfaces at grain size of gravel over 63 mm (hoppers of primary crushed raw material, chutes, etc.)
Type Thickness (mm) Weight (kg)
1 40 5,25
2 70 3,960
3 100 5,285

The client himself supplies the nuts and washers.


What we have already done

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